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This site was created to assess the claims made in the Michael Savage's book, The Savage Nation: Saving America from the Liberal Assault on Our Borders, Language, and Culture.

Note: After the main posts, there is a section of 2009 updates.

For an accessment of the bitter feud between Michael Savage and talk radio rival Mark Levin, click here and scroll down to the appropriate section.(Levin's response to Savage's million dollar offer to Newt Gingrich to drop out of the 2012 race was to offer Savage $100,000 to resign from his radio show for good. That's rich!)

The Unholy Alliance Behind The Publication of The Savage Nation: How A Christian Publisher Made A Deal With The Devilmichael savage weiner
The Savage Nation is a scabrous book by a man who is a nutcase, a quack and a virulent hatemonger. How The Savage Nation was published is a compelling (and sad) story. WorldNetDaily Books, a subsidiary of Thomas Nelson Publishing, a Christian publishing house that publishes Bibles and various Christian books, published The Savage Nation. Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily, a web site of supposed conservative opinion, created WorldNetDaily Books. In reality, WorldNetDaily is an internet journal of misanthropy and anti-intellectualism (just the other day, WND had an interview defending creationism). Farah is a fraud and a dirty tricks operative posing as a journalist (scroll down to the post on front groups). Farah’s WND is not much better; it is revealing that many of its writers also have a problem with the truth (e.g., Ann Coulter, John Hagee, and Jerry Falwell). Didn’t the Bible say something about not bearing false witness against thy neighbor? For that matter what about the biblical prohibition against stealing? Falwell made a lot of money fleecing his flock with his phony infomercial with con artist Patrick Matrisciana, whom Farah declared under oath was “a good man, with a good heart -- who has poured his creative talents into a selfless pursuit of the truth.”

In fact, when Matrisciana, the author the of the infamous Clinton Chronicles video was sued successfully by two law enforcement officers who were libeled in one of Matrisciana’s other anti-Clinton conspiratorial videos, Farah served as an expert witness and promptly perjured himself when he wrote in his affidavit that “the producers of the video acted well within the confines of accepted journalistic standards and practices.” Here is the truth about Matrisciana and his libel case. I find it funny that Bill O’Reilly called Hillary Clinton a liar when she claimed that there was a vast right-wing conspiracy to destroy her husband with libels and dirty tricks. O’Reilly’s charge against Senator Clinton is refuted by the history of Farah, the man who gave Mr. No-Spin a fat paycheck for his WND column. Also, Fox colleague Sean Hannity has a cozy relationship with fellow Scaife operative Christopher Ruddy.

Make no mistake; Thomas Nelson has every right to collect its thirty pieces of silver for aligning itself with Farah and WND and publishing trash like The Savage Nation. However, Thomas Nelson Publishing wants to have its bread buttered on both sides; it can’t simultaneously profit from charlatans like Farah and call itself a Christian company. Therefore, I am asking people to contact Louetta Sayne of Thomas Nelson at 1) Ask her why her company would do business with a mercenary con artist like Farah; 2) Ask why she would publish a racist kook like Michael Savage; 3) Ask her why a company that claims to be based on biblical values would make money from these moral lepers. It’s important.

Savage Racism
I previously noted that in Michael Savage’s view, Trent Lott’s endorsement of Strom Thurmond’s 1948 overtly pro-Jim Crow Dixiecrat presidential candidacy were "innocent comments" but that the members of the Congressional Black Caucus who voiced opposition to the comments were "a lynch mob"—-even though it was Thurmond’s campaign that opposed anti-lynching laws.

Were Savage’s comments anomalous? Hardly. The full title of the book is The Savage Nation: Saving America from the Liberal Assault on Our Borders, Language, and Culture. Protecting our borders is important—especially in the age of terrorism. However, Savage appeals to nativist thought on his radio show. The Savage Nation is no different. Savage wants to create an impression with his readers that “Private Ryan’s grandson is in the grandstands, cheering, as his land is being overrun by a flood of illiterate immigrants”(p. 125). Here are a few excerpts from the book:

When Savage was recounting an experience he had in San Francisco: “Just as we were crossing the crosswalk, a cab tried to cut us off and almost killed six of us. I naturally turned around and screamed at the driver, ‘Go back to where you came from,’ and that type of thing. He was a swarthy Middle Easterner, but I couldn’t have cared less.” (p. 13)

Savage referred to The National Council of La Raza as “a racist group.” He called The Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund “an anti-American racist group.” He called The NAACP Legal Defense Fund “an anti-white pressure group.” (p. 189)

In chapter 7, titled “Immigrants and Epidemics: TB, Anyone?” Savage makes the following comments:

“President Bush should declare: Middle Eastern immigrants can no longer leave America without a thorough examination by the FBI. You come in nice and easy, and we didn’t say a word. But you’re not getting out. That’s all. You want to leave? Go to the FBI. We’ll let you out in a few years” (p. 133).

“Maybe you think I’m paranoid when I say we must not allow immigrants to come here and impose their cultural-trappings on us, rather than respect the American culture. Fine. You’re entitled to be wrong. The next time you’re in your backyard grilling hot dogs, don’t be surprised if your Korean neighbor is actually grilling his dog. That’s the way things are done in Korea” (p. 128, italics in original).

REALITY: As a resident of the Koreatown section of Los Angeles, I can attest to the dearth of dog barbecues. If there is any consumption of dogs in K-Town, it is done covertly. The Korean-Americans in LA overwhelmingly respect the law as well as the rights and feelings of others.

Also, in his attempt to portray the left as soft on terrorism, Savage picks on the NAACP. Savage titled a sub-chapter, “IF THE NAACP HAD EXISTED IN WWII” (apparently Savage was unaware that the NAACP has been around since 1909, an error that also noticed).

Analysis: Savage, like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, has gotten away with saying racist statements. What a pity.

Isn’t It Ironic?

Whenever I listen to Savage’s show, it’s as if I am watching a film in which the words of the actors are incongruent with their objective circumstances because they lack information that the audience possesses—a situation called dramatic irony. I had given the previous example of when Savage referred to Trent Lott’s speech in which he longed for a Strom Thurmond presidency as being only “innocent comments” and then referred to the members of the Congressional Black Caucus who dared to criticize Lott as “a lynch mob.” It seems to be lost on Savage that the 1948 Thurmond campaign had the goal of preventing the passing of anti-lynching laws in the South.

I was fortunate enough to listen to Savage’s show yesterday (yesterday I had mentioned how I found Savage’s show too repulsive to listen to; I forced myself to listen—the sacrifices I make for my readers). After listening to his 1/6/03 show, I reached a conclusion: Savage is a complete whackjob. Let me give one example: when Savage was discussing the most recent homicide bombings in Israel with a caller named Kurt and after explaining why “homicide bomber” is a more apt term that “suicide bomber,” he went on a progressively incoherent rant:

You know what’s disturbing, Kurt? It’s that the radical left-wing media—which is all of them—actually have the audacity to give the names of the human scum who blow themselves up. They’re not human. They’re lower than human clones...I’ll tell you the names of the humans. Here are the names of the humans who were blown up by the human scum yesterday...

Savage then read the list of the victims in the bombing. After Savage read the list, he screamed the following diatribe:

I may as well be reading you a death list from Hitler’s death camps. Have a nice day, moron. You’re the ones who did it. You liberals are the descendants of Adolf Hitler, only you don’t know it. You’re the most dangerous people on planet Earth. I am your enemy. I am your worst nightmare. I will expose you. I know who you are and I know you’re suicidal and I’m going to expose you until this government acts finally to stop you. I am not kidding you. I’m telling it as it is.

Don’t ask me what he’s talking about—I’m just the transcriber. More ironic were the comments right after this rant full of non-sequiturs: Savage went to another caller:

SAVAGE: San Francisco. Alex, you’re on the Savage Nation.

CALLER ALEX: I think the reason why you do so well on radio—as well as most conservatives—because you exude and encourage the traditional American values and that’s one of the reasons why you won me over...

Michael Savage on Front Groups

Front n. a person or organization serving as a cover for subversive or illegal activities.

In Michael Savage’s book The Savage Nation, he makes some odd charges against various groups. For instance, Savage uses the term “radical front group” to describe The League of Women Voters and The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (p. 187). When such a serious accusation is made against an organization, the burden rests with the accuser to let us know who or what is behind the alleged front. Savage leaves this out altogether—apparently Savage knows that his audience is comprised of people who aren’t concerned with such matters.

For the benefit of those not familiar with the concept of front groups and how they operate, let me give a textbook example of a front group that is close to Savage: The Western Journalism Center (WJC). WJC is headed by Joseph Farah who also runs WorldNetDaily (which published The Savage Nation). In its heyday in the 1990’s, WJC was a Scaife-subsidized front group disguised as a journalistic organization. It engaged in a series of dirty tricks; the best known of WJC’s dirty tricks was its full-page newspaper ads that supported “reporter” Christopher Ruddy’s error-laden conspiracy theories regarding the “mysterious death” of Vince Foster, a favorite paranoid delusion that has obsessed Scaife (60 Minutes investigated Ruddy’s “reporting” on Foster’s death and exposed Ruddy as a fraud; even Ann Coulter referred to Ruddy’s book on the matter as a “conservative hoax book”). Trudy Lieberman wrote a great article about the incestuous echo chamber that Scaife and Farah created in order to give legs to Ruddy’s smears. Lieberman quotes Farah: “We can reach key legislators, key journalists, key radio talk show hosts...It's an easy, inexpensive way to make sure Chris Ruddy's work just doesn't appear in Pittsburgh and just die."

WJC also used similar tactics in an attempt to give credence to the discredited stories of the Arkansas troopers who had been Bill Clinton’s bodyguards. Here was what happened: The troopers were paid by Scaife to tell lies to a “reporter” (David Brock) from a Scaife-funded journal (The American Spectator); in order to give credibility to this dirty tricks operation, a Scaife-funded front group (the Western Journalism Center) disguised as a journalistic organization give a “journalism award” to Brock for his “reporting.” In addition, Scaife-beneficiary Ruddy sold tapes of one of the trooper’s allegations. Ironically, after Brock came clean and repudiated the Troopergate dirty tricks operation (years after the troopers admitted they were lying for pay), Farah’s reaction was to treat the discredited allegations by the troopers as established fact and accused Brock of mendacity. It is not only Farah who is citing the troopers years after their stories were shown to be false. Recently, in an attempt to provide cover for Trent Lott, Sean Hannity repeated charges by one of the discredited troopers that Bill Clinton used the “N” word. This answers Savage’s question about why left-wing audiences don’t support talk radio. Answer: we don’t like being lied to.


Here is Savage’s satirical(?) take on Al Gore’s supposed agenda:

Okay, we all know it’s not about Al Goreleone [sic], head of the Goreleone Crime Syndicate. Gore, we must remember, is "his own man." No, our concern is about his agenda. In fact, I recently imagined a highly classified document from Al’s personal journal which spelled out what America might anticipate with Al Gore in the White House.


1. Homosexuals in the military and homosexual marriage.
2. Affirmative action, or The Fairness for Dummies Act
3. Reparations for non-slaves by non-slaveholders
4. Hate-crime laws aimed at straight, white males
5. Racial profiling laws, aimed at straight, white police
6. A United Nations tax or a world tax
7. Free prescription drugs not only for the elderly but also for AIDS patients
8. Delegitimizing the Boy Scouts, or The Fairness to Predators Act
9. Outlawing homeschooling, or The Freedom from Learning Act
10. Arrest
[sic], ban, or rewrite the authentic Bible as a hate book
11. Mandatory application of Ritalin to any child with spunk, or The Security for Children Act
12. Complete elimination of borders with Mexico, or, The Fairness to Latinos Act
13. Partial-birth abortion or infanticide and the sale of baby body parts, or The Senior Citizen Life Extension Act
14. Increased license for Hollywood’s violence and pornography, or The Freedom of Arts Act
15. Socialized medicine and a national health plan, or The Freedom from Bad Behavior Act
16. The No Limits on Lawsuits Act
17. Mandatory suicide for sick seniors, or The Saving Social Security Act
18. The Fairness in Talk Radio Act, i.e., the end of talk radio
19. The end of the Electoral College and the congressional redistricting of America to ensure that never again will the Demoncats [sic] be threatened, or The One Dunce, One Vote Act
20. The complete seizing of all guns, or The Freedom from the Second Amendment Act
21. The abolition of our existing Constitution or The Freedom From Freedom Act

If this were intended to humorous, there’s one problem: there are no punch lines. In order to be good satire, something has to remotely reflect the target of ridicule. Except for perhaps affirmative action and gays in the military, there’s nothing in this agenda that Gore even remotely supports. It’s just invective word salad. I suspect item two was included just as an excuse for Savage to make a racist insult. Some of the alleged parts of Gore’s agenda don’t make any sense such as item 19; elimination of the Electoral College and congressional redistricting would do nothing to ensure that Democrats will never have their power threatened. Some agenda items contradict others—e.g., Savage seems to think that Gore is in favor of sacrificing babies to extend the lives of the sick elderly (item 13) but also that Gore is in favor getting rid of these same elderly sick people (item 17) AND giving them free prescription drugs (item 7). Which is it?

I realize this guy isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I expect some internal consistency. Where were the book editors? Oops. I just realized that the publisher is WorldNetDaily.

Michael Savage’s Quackery and Frivolous Lawsuits

In the book Savage Nation, one of Michael Savage’s many whipping boys are trial lawyers (scroll up to my previous post and look at item 16 of what Savage in his fantasy world believes is Al Gore’s agenda). Savage also bashes trial lawyers on his radio show for being excessively litigious. It seems that Savage doesn’t practice what he preaches because he was part of one of the most frivolous lawsuits in California history. I posted an article on it on HorowitzWatch because Savage used one of David Horowitz’s front groups to waste taxpayer dollars on his silly lawsuit (it was against the University Of California at Berkeley). Also, when I was doing research, I discovered that Savage wrote some quack medicine books under his birth name Michael A. Weiner. This is surreal.

UPDATES: Here's a post I wrote on Savage and racism. Also, I wrote about the feud between Savage and an equally nutty radio competitor, Mark Levin. Also, I have a post about Savage's pattern of frivolous lawsuits (against the University of California, against DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, and his threatened suit against British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith for putting him on a list of people banned from the United Kingdom.

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7. Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) did an analysis of Limbaugh's claims on his radio show in the 1990's that infuriated him.
8. During the Clinton presidency, Limbaugh, along with Roger Ailes, was one of the top Vince Foster conspiracy theorists. Even though numerous investigations has shown that Foster committed suicide and not murdered, Limbaugh has not apologized and continues to suggest that anyone who crosses the Clintons will face a similar fate (click here and here).
9. Limbaugh caught truncating a quote by Bill Clinton to give it the exact opposite meaning--Keith Olbermann reports. This is hardly surprising.

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9) Every since I whipped Hannity's ass on this program and on another occasion, Hannity has made sure that competent opponents don't show him up. Here's some revealing empirical evidence that Hannity is a total wuss [NOTE: if this link does not work at first, refresh it or click here for a truncated version--also I reprint it in the addendum of this post--scroll down to the end]. Hannity has also chickened out of debates with Ed Schultz and Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson.
10) Hannity's vicious attacks on crime victim Abner Louima (also here).
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12) Hannity, of course, defended Ann Coulter's Moussaoui-like attacks on women who lost their husbands on 9/11.
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86) Hannity praised Michael Steele's "spectacular" and "principled" campaign, ignoring misleading campaign tactics
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92) Hannity's 180s: He labeled North Korea a "crisis" two days after criticizing others for doing so; criticized Democrats for debating Iraq war, not tolerating debate
93) Hannity falsely suggested Coulter never "suggested that Bill Clinton should die"; Coulter claimed Supreme Court's Gitmo decision confirms someone put "rat poison in Justice Stevens's crème brûlée"
94) Hannity criticized media, Bush administration for not "paying attention to" Santorum and Hoekstra's discredited WMD claims
95) Hannity repeated false claim that Reagan oversaw "longest period of peacetime growth"
96) Limbaugh, Hannity continued to attack Murtha based on
inaccurate Sun-Sentinel report
97) Hannity drew baseless comparison between N.Y. state comptroller's remark and Trent Lott's praise of Strom Thurmond's 1948 segregationist presidential campaign
98) Hannity falsely claimed Obama and Harry Reid "attack[ed]" U.S. troops in Iraq.
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112) Hannity falsely claimed that everyone "got the same amount" from Bush's tax cuts
113. Misrepresenting Obama's audiobook, Hannity claimed Obama said, "'White folks' greed runs a world in need"
114. Hannity's memory lapse: "I don't remember Chelsea Clinton being attacked." Hannity forgets that both John McCain and Rush Limbaugh attacked Chelsea, then a teenager, with vicious humor. Also, Al Franken, in Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them pointed out that he confronted Hannity about Limbaugh's attack on Chelsea.

115. Hannity is named by Media Matters for America the 2008 Misinformer of the Year
116. Hannity misquoted Obama to falsely accuse him of breaking promise.
117. Hannity misrepresents source of editorial to claim that "liberal media" outlet claimed Obama has "embarrassed America"
118. Like O'Reilly, Hannity misrepresented Obama remark to falsely claim he made a "campaign promise" to allow "no earmarks"
119. NCLR President demands correction from Hannity for libelous statement.
120. Hilarious video: Hannity named "Worst Person in the World" by Keith Olbermann for his phony claim about the false claim that the economic recovery bill contains money to protect the salt marsh harvest mouse and the LA to Las Vegas railway system.
121. Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich called out leading right-wing media figures for falsely suggesting that he proposed excluding white males from the President's stimulus package
122. Hannity raises Caroline Kennedy "marital issues" rumor, but denounced NY Times John McCain article as "nothing but innuendo, rumor"
123. Hannity was not alone in smearing, misinforming on Fox News in 2008
124. Hannity complained of DOJ bias in rapid Ted Stevens prosecution, but Stevens reportedly requested speedy trial
125. Hannity ignored Norm Coleman ballot challenges to accuse Al Franken of "stealing an election"
126. WSJ, Fox News' Brit Hume and Hannity repeated baseless "car ballot" story to suggest vote tampering by MN officials
127. Hannity criticized Barack Obama over comments that Hannity misleadingly cropped
128. Hannity vs. Hannity: Is he, or is he not, a "journalist"?
129. Hannity Accuses Harry Reid Of Wanting American Troops To Die
130. Hannity Promoting Fraudster Fugitive Allen Stanford's Company Stanford Coins & Bullion
131. Hannity Distorts And Falsifies Border Agent Case To Suit His Agenda (Jose Alonso Compean and Ignacio Ramos)
132. Hannity Denies Past Association With White Supremacist Hal Turner But Evidence Suggests Otherwise
133. Hannity Revives Suggestion Obama May Be Muslim
134. Hannity blames Sen. Charles Schumer For US Airways Crash
135. Hannity's Website Speculates About Assassination Of Obama
136. Hannity And Guests Accuse Barack Obama Of Wanting To Kill Infants
137. Sean Hannity Defends And Participates In Hate-Mongering Bill Cunningham’s Use of “Barack Hussein Obama”
138. Funny Jon Stewart video on the Hate Hannity Hotline.
139. Limbaugh, Hannity, and the GOP: an iron triangle of stimulus misinformation
140. Hannity says that Christianity allows torture.
141. John Aravosis asks why does Howard Kurtz think Sean Hannity is relevant?
142. The Young Turks on how Hannity truncated an Obama quote to make it appear that Obama was unilaterally bashing America.
143. Hannity distorts Politico article to hit media for crediting Obama in rescue of Captain Richard Phillips from Somali pirates. Watch a video of Fox News guest Bernard Goldberg, no fan of Obama, chide Hannity for his pettiness regarding Obama after the rescue of Captain Phillips.
144. Hannity hates the word "bitch" (unless it's applied to Hillary Clinton).
145. Hannity versus Hannity on Texas succession.
146. Jon Stewart slams Hannity's misrepresentation of Obama comment about those who "would... justify the events of 9-11." Hannity crops clip to claim Obama "decided to give 9-11 sympathizers [Truthers] a voice" in Cairo speech. Watch this priceless video of Stewart on Hannity.
147. Hannity defies "the phony science of global warming," declares "we breathe carbon dioxide... there's nothing wrong with the automobile"
148. The debunking of Hannity's false claim that during President Obama's 2009 trip to the Middle East, he called the United States "Muslim nation."
149. Hannity advances Obama birth certificate "birther" conspiracies.
150. A poem:
Aping urbanity,
Oozing with vanity,
Plump as a manatee,
Faking humanity,
Intellectual inanity,
Journalistic calamity,
Fox Noise insanity,
You’re a profanity,
151. At Hannity's Freedom Concert, I took a picture of Hannity's wife Jill Hannity, the only online photo of her.

--John Cleese, Ode to Sean Hannity

151. Hannity revives another smear: "We've got [Obama] on tape saying, 'White folks' greed runs a world in need' "
152. Hannity makes a habit of distorting quotes to smear progressives
153. Hannity says Obama "is Bill Ayers," he "is Reverend Wright"
154. Hannity Reiterates Fox's False Smear Against Ron Reagan
155. Secession-Sympathizing Hannity Attacks Obama's Patriotism, Suggests He Should Be Investigated By DHS
156. Hannity and Mark Fuhrman discuss "strange death of Vince Foster"
157. Hannity invited birther Jerome Corsi on his Great American Panel.
158. Hannity Helps Make Dr. Laura The Victim (for using the n-word.
159. Repeating smear from 2008, Hannity falsely attributes "white folks' greed" remark to Obama
160. Hannity and Fox News' long history of race-baiting.
161. Hannity continues to claim falsely there is no tea party racism
162. Not looking very hard: Hannity says he "can't find any" racist tea party signs
163. Hannity carefully avoids explaining why Trent Lott's remarks praising Strom Thurmond's Dixiecrat presidential run were offensive
164. Hannity distorts Sotomayor's comments to claim she "seems to disagree" with Dr. King
165. Hannity and Fox News' rhetoric echoes Ailes' long history of race-baiting
166. Hannity Falsely Claims Planned Parenthood President Told An "Outright Lie" About Mammograms
167. Hannity and "birther" conspiracy theories.
168. Hannity to Mark Fuhrman: "I was surprised you brought up the strange death of Vince Foster"
169. Hannity gets "Worst Person" runner-up for saying that Whitewater, Vince Foster death are "chapters remaining open"
170. Hannity's Conservative Victory: More than 20 falsehoods, smears, and distortions
171. Hannity Plays The Birther Card
172. Hannity Adds "Muslim" To His Birther Dogwhistle To Extremists
173. Hannity Blames Obama For Republican Misconceptions That He’s A Muslim
174. Hannity Jumps Aboard "Donald Trump 2012" Presidential Campaign -- Birtherism And All
175. Hannity supports Trump's Birther Obsession.
176. Hannity's Racist Mentor Of 30+ Years Bob Grant
177. Max Blumenthal Probes Hannity's History With Talk Radio's 'Angry White Men' -- and Fanning the Flames of Racial Politics
178. Hannity gives a platform to virulent anti-Semite Anthony Robert Martin-Trigona (aka Andy Martin)
179. Robert Gibbs confronts Hannity about giving a platform to Andy Martin.
180. The Daily Show's Jon Stewart catches Hannity falsifying footage to make GOP/Tea Party rally appear much bigger than it really was.
181. In 2011, Hannity Claims Mark Foley Scandal “Shocked” Him, But In ’06, He Tried To Spin It Away.
182. Howard Kurtz Slams Hannity For An "Absolute Slam Dunk Case Of Misleading Editing" through use of deceptively cropped video of CNN's Anderson Cooper.
183. Hannity baselessly asks, "Did Harry Reid Steal This [2010] Election?"
184. Over two weeks after Murdoch's News International Phone Hacking Scandal broke, Hannity finally speaks about it, describing it as "a political witch hunt from my perspective."
185. MUST READ: Media Matters debunks Hannity's Laughable Whopper: "I Would Never Question [President Obama's] Patriotism"
186. During an exclusive interview, Hannity sits on his hands by while Governor Rick Perry Tries to Walk Back His Remarks on Secession
187. Media Matters on Hannity's conspiracy-mongering regarding the death of Vince Foster on his Sunday television show on Fox "Hannity's America":(here, here, and here). this isn't surprising considering that Hannity's boss Roger Ailes has engaged in Foster conspiracy-mongering. Also, more Media Matters on Hannity's intellectual dishonesty--here, here, and here.


Daily Show video Clips of Hannity
1. Moment of Zen - Hannity Reveals the True Obama
2. Only The Lonely: Sean Hannity defends the lonely people in this world who call escorts just to have the company.
3. On the "Hannity Sucks Ass" sign
4. Sean Hannity tells Art Torres to be quiet.

p>Addendum: Talk Show Radio Accessibility--Follow-Up Survey Results
Research 2000 thought it would be an interesting endeavor to find out how six nationally syndicated talk radio programs handle incoming calls among individuals who wish to engage in the live talk show over the air. The our original April ‘06 ‘Talk Show Radio Accessibility Survey Results‘ were interesting enough to report in the hopes that “ALL” talk radio hosts and formats in the future will make it less restrictive and more accessible for potential call in guests regardless of whether or not they have a differing point of view.

* Ed Shultz “as the easiest to get on the air with regardless of the caller’s “view point for the simple reason that the show is the only format of the six that does not ask the caller what they want to discuss.”
* Sean Hannity comes in last place with “none” of the callers “with a different view point” getting on the air.
* The “one caller of five dissenting view points” allowed on Limbaugh’s show “went through three screeners before getting on the air.“
* Ingraham, Miller and Rhodes showed “no significant differences” in terms of getting on the air “if one had a dissenting view point.
* In all cases, callers with dissenting views were able to get on the air with the host.


While the following survey results do not possess the standard 95 percent confidence level or 5% margin for error which is standard within the scientific polling community, Research 2000’s follow yielded almost identical results.

In August and September, we examined the same six nationally syndicated talk shows we did back in April which are heard in the Washington DC ADI five days weekly between August 21 through September 19, 2006. Three liberal: Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes and Ed Shultz. Three conservative: Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh. Back in April, each program was called ten times (5 with a point of view compatible with the host and most of the callers and 5 that were not). In the August-September follow up survey, we called each show 15 times with a point of view which was not compatible with the host and most of the callers. We decided not to do any calls with compatible view points because the April survey showed that those callers with compatible views with the host and most of the callers were able to get through and on the air between 15-30 minutes with each of the hosts.

The rank order below is based on how accessible it was for one to get through to the host with both a liberal and conservative point of view.

Once again, there was no significant differences between the Laura Ingraham, Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhodes shows in terms of getting on the air if one had a dissenting view point. In all cases, callers with dissenting views were able to get on the air with the host. The wait on hold was longest for the Laura Ingraham show and that averaged 40 minutes to one hour and fifteen minutes. For Miller it was 35 minutes to one hour and for Rhodes it was 30 minutes to 40 minutes.The difference between number 2 and 4 are slight and the rank order is based purely on the amount of time one was on hold. Both Ingraham’s and Miller’s wait on hold increased slightly from April, while Rhodes had a slight decrease.

Only two callers of fifteen dissenting view points was successful in getting on the Rush Limbaugh show. Both callers went through three screeners on the show before getting on the air with the host. However, the other thirteen callers with dissenting view points were told politely that the host would not be taking calls on either the subject matter or a dissenting point of view.